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Novelties 2022/23 | Skis

News even without ISPO

by Alex Schober 02/26/2022
ISPO, an interesting but also very exhausting trade fair, has been postponed from January to autumn. However, we at PowderGuide are still doing our best to provide you with information about the material for the upcoming season.

However, the information is largely based on mailings we received from manufacturers and our own research online - after all, we weren't able to scrutinise the new products ourselves at ISPO, let alone take copyright-free pictures...

There continues to be a trend towards more sustainable production materials, a broader(er) product range and line care, as well as cosmetic changes. The increased availability of unisex models is also noticeable.

Due to the scarcity of information and the aforementioned lack of a personal exchange with the manufacturers on site, here is a small list overview of the various manufacturers: 

There is a new line from Armada for the upcoming season: the Locator series, which sees itself as a freetouring line and will be available in widths of 112mm, 104mm, 96mm and 88mm. With a weight of roughly 1500g in 112mm and 180cm length, there is still enough energy left in the legs for the descent even after a long ascent. 

There are also three other models: the Whitewalker 121, which will only be available in 183cm length and is intended to appeal to more freestyle-oriented riders, as well as the ARG II UL ski with an incredible 133mm centre width.
The prize for the best name also goes to Armada with the Short Pants Paradox ski with a centre width of 112mm and a 21.5m radius. Available in 168cm and 176cm - according to the manufacturer a big mountain ski for smaller riders.

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With the Atomic Bent 110mm & 90mm, Atomic is expanding its Bent line to a total of seven skis and closing the remaining gaps in these popular widths.

At Black Diamond, cosmetic changes have been made to the Helio Carbon.

The new Blizzard Unisex Ski Hustle stands between the Zero G and Sheeva/ Rustler in terms of weight and performance. Blizzard is discovering the freetouring sector with the 157cm - 192cm long ski, which is available in the following widths (Hustle 9: 94mm, Hustle 10: 102mm, Hustle 11: 114mm). Weight and performance should make ski touring as well as ski resort tours possible.

The Zero G LT is a new touring ski with a special carbon construction, which is even available in an 80mm centre width for skimo races.

Elan takes a big step towards weight optimisation and expands its range with the Ripstick Tour - a lightweight unisex ski touring ski in the following lengths and centre widths: 88mm, 94mm and 104mm - 88 in 156cm - 184cm, 94 in 164cm - 185 cm, 104 in 173cm - 187 cm.

Faction Skis has parted ways with Candide Thovex, so his line is being replaced by the new La Machine freetouring ski. Two-layer carbon, a relatively soft flex, paulownia wood core and a pronounced rocker make the Machine the ski of choice for backcountry freestylers. Available in 91mm, 99mm, 109mm and for the good days in 126mm.

Also new from Faction is the Mana model. A relatively light freeride and all-mountain twin tip, which should also have potential for the "big lines". Made from sustainably produced poplar wood, the ski will be available in 102mm, 112mm and 119mm centre widths.

The unisex Dictator series has been renamed Dancer and has been given a graphic overhaul.

Fischer is focussing on the new Ranger series, which is intended to cover all areas of skiing. The skis, which are available in many different lengths and centre widths, also focus more on sustainable materials in production. For the first time, the 90mm to 102mm widths are even available in two colours per model. This means that nothing stands in the way of a perfectly coordinated outfit.

K2 is expanding its range with the new Dispatch series: a unisex touring ski in the centre widths: 120mm, 110mm and 101mm. The larger radius than the Waybback series and the impressive weight make it clear that the focus here is on downhill performance!

The popular Mindbender series gets a little more tail rocker and a titanal layer for more edge stability. Apart from that, everything remains the same.

Line connects two existing series with the new Blade Optic series and creates a mixture of the two series Vision (shape) and Blade (construction). The new model is available in 92mm, 96mm, 104mm and 114mm.

Nordica will be offering the new Unleashed series for the coming season. A freeride twintip with less rocker than the popular Enforcer, but with a wood core and a soft, pleasant ride. Available in 108mm, 98mm and  90mm - the latter two centre widths are still available as women's models.

Salomon has revised the QST series. With four different models, the popular freeride model series is broadly positioned and therefore offers the right ski for every use. New is the QST Blank, which, with a waist width of 112 mm in the centre of the ski, is primarily intended for deep days. Also new is the QST 98, which is designed to be stable even in extremely tight and super-soft turns and at high speeds. The 98 mm waist allows it to float well even in powder snow and in combination with the S/LAB Shift binding it is perfect for the odd short ascent. The QST series is therefore available in 92mm, 98mm, 106mm and 112mm centre widths.

With the completely new Pure line, SCOTT is creating a new series ranging from piste skis to powder weapons. The new line-up includes the following models: 

Pure Pow 115 Ti, Pure Pro 109 Ti (PG material test), Pure Mission 98 Ti, Pure Mission 98 W's Ti, Pure Free 90 Ti, Pure Free 90 W's Ti, Pure Piste 77 Ti and the Pure Junior for young freeriders.

In addition, the new Proguide series replaces the former Speedguide series as lightweight and ascent-orientated touring skis. The Proguide models are made with an elliptical sandwich sidewall construction made of carbon/aramid and a continuous paulownia wood core. This is available in 89mm centre width in 156cm, 163cm, 169cm and 176cm, and in 96mm in lengths of 167cm, 173cm and 179cm. In terms of weight, they weigh between 1040g and 1280g.

Völkl has new carving models: the Flair as a ladies-only model, the Deacon in 72mm and 76mm as a men's model. A new park ski is also being launched, the Revolut in 84mm and 90mm.

Further updates were made to the Kendo and Kenja models in 88mm and the Mantra and Secret models in 102mm.

This article has been automatically translated by DeepL with subsequent editing. If you notice any spelling or grammatical errors or if the translation has lost its meaning, please write an e-mail to the editors.

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