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Gear of the Week | Arc'teryx Tactitian AR Glove

Thin-skinned workhorse made from full-grain leather for all areas of use

by Lorenzo Rieg 01/04/2014
A thin-skinned workhorse made of full-grain leather for all areas of use - that's what you want in a glove.

Gloves are one of the pieces of equipment that wear out the fastest when skiing, ski touring, mountaineering, etc. Above all, of course, the thinner models, which are (often additionally) needed, as they allow at least a touch of dexterity and can thus also be worn for activities such as putting on and taking off skins, closing shoes, taking photos, handling carabiners and rope or setting up tents.

Over the years, you eventually learn (naturally with increased consumption of a good two pairs of such gloves per year) that there is actually only one material that meets all the requirements for a good glove: Leather. Regularly cared for, good leather makes robust gloves that keep out the wind and are permanently waterproof without restricting the movement and grip of the hands too much and, last but not least, have a certain abrasion resistance. All other materials, from fleece and wool to high-tech synthetics, quickly fail in at least one of these areas with regular use.

While this fact is reflected in numerous thick and warm gloves with at least one palm made of leather, there are fewer candidates for the thinner models. I was therefore delighted when I discovered by chance that Arc'teryx offers the Tactician AR, a thin, anatomically shaped glove that really is made entirely of leather on the outside. Of course I had to buy it. And since then, it has never left my backpack or my hands during almost all winter and spring outdoor activities, as it is simply incredibly versatile. I can do almost anything without taking my gloves off, whether it's tying shoes, taking photos or writing. However, the gloves are warm enough that I can usually wear them during the descent when ski touring - except in the height of winter (but admittedly, I'm not someone who gets cold quickly). In spring, I no longer take any other gloves with me on ski tours, and in mild temperatures I also like to wear them when skiing in the ski area. In addition, the Tactician AR are really robust and still waterproof after well over a year, just put a load of Snoseal on them every few days of skiing, warm them up briefly and that's it. I'm sure the gloves will be with me for a while yet and as soon as they inevitably die, I'll get a new pair of Tactitian AR's.

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