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gear of the week

Gear of the week | Kang Bamboo Freeride ski poles

Organic High Performance Bamboo

by Clemens Hiller 03/26/2023
First things first: I am positively biased - because the Bamboo Freeride ski poles presented here are not the first poles from the Swedish manufacturer Kang from Åre that have accompanied me in the mountains. I was so impressed by the entry-level Kang Bamboo model that I quickly went into raptures about the freeride version. But now let's get down to the nitty gritty and the hard facts about the GEAR OF THE WEEK:

The Bamboo Freeride ski poles reflect Kang's high standards of quality, sustainability and design. In my opinion, the use of bamboo is not only a hit aesthetically. Bamboo is an organic material with excellent durability - according to Kang, the bamboo poles are even twice as durable as comparable aluminium poles. Whilst I have already cut or at least bent one or two (metal) ski poles over the last few years, the bamboo companions take falls with flexibility and a smile. Brittle carbon equipment can only dream of that. In addition to the good CO2 balance of organic bamboo (compared to aluminium) and its durability, the material is also an absolute eye-catcher, as each handmade pair is unique.

gear of the week
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The Swedish design of the grip and powder tip impresses me. The grip essentially consists of the typical Kang knob, which despite its simplicity is really comfortable to lean on, and the long EVA grip at the top of the ski pole. This allows the grip height to be varied quickly and easily, which I find very comfortable both on the ascent and on the descent. The strap is also super easy to remove and replaceable as required. I'm not a fan of hand straps, which is why you can see the version without straps in my pictures. The 95 mm disc is primarily intended for unprepared snow - but I don't mind using it on the piste either. It is just as robust as any other components.


I am in love. The Kang Bamboo Freeride is a super aesthetic ski pole for freeride use, which is light, stable and well-balanced in the hand both on the ascent and descent. The special highlight for me is the sensational tactile grip and the ability to quickly and easily remove or "click" the hand straps back in at will. I am also convinced that bamboo is the best material I have ever held in the form of a ski pole. For me, it's not just the incredible robustness of the material that counts, but also the sustainability aspects that were decisive for Kang in developing the Bamboo series in the first place.


  • Shaft made of 100% organic bamboo, twice as strong as aluminium

  • Freeride version

  • Handle/basket in beige, black or yellow

  • Powder disc with 95 mm diameter

  • Removable strap

  • Lengths 100-135 cm in 5 cm increments

  • Each pole is unique

  • Designed and manufactured in Åre, Sweden

  • RRP €119.00

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gear of the week
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