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Gear of the Week | Penguin Pinneco Insulated Short

Functional insulated shorts with high stretch content

by Lorenzo Rieg 01/13/2018
The onion system for outdoor clothing is the undisputed standard nowadays: probably every freerider and ski tourer combines different layers of clothing depending on the activity and weather conditions.

While suitable tops of all kinds are available in large numbers from practically every manufacturer, the situation is somewhat different when it comes to pants. Of course, hard and soft shell pants and ski underpants are widely available, but really warm pants as an intermediate layer are less common. This is where the Swiss company Penguin comes in with the Pinneco insulation shorts, a comfortable and warm pair of pants that can be worn under a hard shell. Thanks to two full-length side zippers, the shorts can also be taken off quickly, which of course fits in with the flexible background idea of the onion system.

Thanks to the very stretchy Pinneco material, the shorts are really very comfortable and do not restrict mobility, and they are also nice and warm, although they are not so warm that you can no longer wear them during physical activity. The full-length zippers on both sides are great. They make it easy to put the pants on and take them off, even when you're wearing ski boots. I even manage to take the Pinneco insulated shorts off through the ventilation zippers of my hardshell pants, which is of course very practical.

gear of the week
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Of course, the Pinneco insulated shorts can also be worn over other pants. Simply pull them on quickly and you'll be nice and warm. Over normal hardshell trousers, you have to reckon with minus points in the style department, but they are functional.

As I rarely get cold when skiing, especially on my legs, I only actually wear the shorts on really cold days when freeriding in the ski area. However, they are ideal for camping trips (in winter and summer) or for evenings at the hut, when you can get out of your ski trousers and into your shorts. The low weight and pack size of the shorts are also noticeable here. Last but not least, some people have been spotted at home on the couch in these comfortable shorts.

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gear of the week
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