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Extension PG-ICON weather forecast maps

Norway/Scandinavia, Pyrenees and Caucasus now also included!

by PowderGuide • 04/16/2024
Winter is slowly coming to an end, even if the fresh snow maps on the PG-ICON weather forecast are once again turning colourful this week. In the meantime, we are continuing to work on the weather maps on We have refreshed the portfolio once again to provide the travellers among you with reliable snow and weather data. Our forecast maps are now also available for Norway and Scandinavia, the Caucasus and the Pyrenees! A search function has also been integrated into the map, allowing you to quickly search for locations, valleys or mountains.

Almost a complete winter season has now passed since we went online with the new website and the PowderGuide ICON weather forecast maps in mid-November 2023. The analyses of the click figures show that the effort has paid off and that significantly more visitors are clicking on the weather maps than last winter. This is pleasing and encourages us to continue working on our (many) ideas for expanding the weather forecast maps.

The next small step was to expand the forecast areas in order to provide reliable snow and weather forecasts for those of you travelling or visiting outside the DACH region. The latter, of course, in relation to the English-language weather forecast, which was also only implemented this winter. Data is now provided for Scandinavia, the Pyrenees and the Caucasus, for which all known PowderGuide weather forecast maps can be displayed.

More areas in the east will follow in the next few weeks so that we will cover the relevant mountains in Europe in the future. The data for the EU (ICON-EU) has a slightly lower resolution than the data for the Alpine region (ICON-D2). The latter has a grid width of 2.2 km, whereas the ICON-EU data has a grid width of 7.7 km. We do not want to hide this fact and it is also recognisable at high zoom levels.

Furthermore, there is now a possibility to search for locations, valleys and mountains in the weather map. This search function makes it easier to quickly navigate to your desired destination, to view all forecast maps for the region and to display the corresponding PowderGuide content - at the moment, to be honest, only the CR, but next season the location-based PG articles (e.g. TouringTips, SpotChecks, etc.) will also be available on the map. The search function is still in the test phase and you are welcome to leave comments about malfunctions, suggestions for improvement or requests. We are currently working on further improvements to the weather maps and you can look forward to seeing what is yet to come. By the new season at the latest, you will find some new features here.

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