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PowderAlert 14 2023 /24 | Say goodbye with a nordstau!

Nordstaupowder with Schlagerstar Ullr!

by Lars Oelmann 04/15/2024
Disclaimer: Schlager lyrics will not make sense in English. They do not make sense in German either, so dont worry ;) Ullr is on the retreat, but one last time the pop fan wants to dance the samba with us in the powder, because the powder makes us happy. Powder, Powder Powder, maybe tomorrow it will be over?

And the good thing is that this time it's snowing in the north and from the north, so it's going to be cold and fluffy. But that's also the problem, because it's snowing on and on, so there's hardly any visibility above the tree line and hardly any snow below, unlike in the south. So you have to wait a bit to be able to ski on the alpine meadows again like early in the season. There may be an alarm for Saturday, more on that below.

So: Breathlessly through the week until I'm boiling with powder longing,

breathlessly just out,   this dump is a flake feast!

Rhyme or I'll eat you. Well. The oracle is better off sticking to writing alarms, schlager lyrics are somehow not his thing.

Alert period and areas

From the Lower Valais to the distant Rax. The alert continues until the short, probable break in precipitation on Thursday evening.



Actually quite peaceful, so that some protected powder should also arrive further up. But that's why there's only full amounts in the stau and the foothills of the Alps. Much less in the inner Alps towards the main ridge.

Snowfall limit

Far down. Always between 600-1000m so that full amounts of real POW are possible from 1400-1600m. Remember it's mid-April, as soon as the showers stop and the sun comes out, soon after there won’t be pow.


The Ammounts

By Thursday evening, 25-50cm will be widespread and 40-70cm in congested areas or in showery roads. However, the high amounts are more likely from central Switzerland to the Arlberg.

Why the wide range of 25-70cm? Due to the showery, april-like character of the precipitation in the polar cold air, this is a bit hit or miss. The models don't give us any more than that and the showers don't cause any real stau so no surprise accumulation.

Where should I go?

So I wouldn't try my luck below the tree line before Thursday and it hardly ever opens up above the tree line. Thursday is an alpine meadow day and on Friday you can try your luck above, as the crystal ball sees bigger gaps in the sun there.

In general, I would look around from central Switzerland to the Arlberg, where you are probably also in good hands at the weekend, although there could also some bigger ammounts in the east.

From Friday afternoon it looks like the next alarm will be released, because what is Nicki Lauda's mum's name?

Mama Powda, Mama Powda!!!

I hope you understand end-of-season Dadaism.

Medium term

No skiing above the tree line at the weekend, but then possibly back in the trees. Strange weather. In any case, cold for sure and possibly another nordstau alert down to 1000m or lower, which will then slowly fade out early next week. Not bad….not bad at all.

Powder to the people!

Your Voodoo Jürgens

Prediction game #14: Core zone station "Titlisboden (2149m)"

The snow depth prediction game #14 takes place at the station "Titlisboden (2149m)" from Monday, 15.Apr 22:00 to 18.4. 22:00. The initial snow depth at the station "Titlisboden (2149m)" is 272cm (15.4. 22:00).

Write your new snow tip depth by Tuesday, 16.4. at 22:00 as a comment below! Reminder: Prediction game rules, prediction reminder via email.

First prize of this year's prediction game are the Bamboo 104 slats from Valhalla - Handmade ski dreams from the Schwatzwald!


This article has been automatically translated by DeepL with subsequent editing. If you notice any spelling or grammatical errors or if the translation has lost its meaning, please write an e-mail to the editors.

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