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PowderAlert 1 2020/21 | Infected by the powder virus?

Ullr ends the self-isolation! It's straight down to business

by Lars Oelmann 12/03/2020
Life in times of improvisation. One thing in advance to prevent angry protest emails: We as PowderGuide are not trying to persuade you to cuddle up in a group in an infection gondola. For some, however, there is an opportunity to have fun in the snow without dancing with the R-value, which is why we want to make every effort this season to introduce you to the regions with the best snow in the Alert! If you can and are allowed to go, you're in luck!

Now for the positives: After Ullr had already provided powder at the end of September and the confused oracle had to switch from flip flops on the lake to powder on the mountain within a week, and October was also almost wintry, November was unfortunately rather warm, dry and disappointing.

But now Alarm 1 is on and Ullr is about to go full 12. He sends us a südstau that's got a lot going for it. From zero to Instagram in three days with the #monsterdump. The best thing about it: it also gets relatively cold, which is not an everyday occurrence with südstau.

Alert period and areas

The alert lasts until Sunday evening. It goes from the Simplon to Slovenia. The core lies somewhere from Trentino, the Dolomites and Veneto to Carinthia and East Tyrol.


As the weather blogger has already written, it's really hissing. (Föhn) storms everywhere and gale-force gusts in the east. On the other hand, it's also pushing the full amounts up to the main ridge and it's even snowing from the south into the northern Alps.

Snowfall line

Ullr may be back, but he also likes to play yoyo. It will be much lower in the west. It will snow all the way down here at the beginning and it will still snow from 800m later on. In the far east in Slovenia, Carinthia and the foothills of the Friulian Alps it will rain up to 1700 or 1800m. In between, and especially in the core, there will be a wild mix. In general, it should stay snowy in the core from 1000-1200m. But it can also snow all the way down, especially towards the eastern core, and rain further down a valley to 1500m, depending on the valley and precipitation cooling.

The crowds

Ullr is back and he's angry! Our favorite god is dishing it out with a rough trowel. In the west from Ticino to Adamello there is 70-120cm of snow. East of that there's 100-200cm, with the bigger amounts coming towards the core. In the core there is 170-250cm of fresh snow, but since some models also have solid amounts over 300mm on offer, I don't want to rule out 3 METERS either. Some models have far more apocalyptic stuff on offer, but that's more glass ball stuff, I reckon.

Where should I go?

Well. If you're not on site at the Dump, it's probably more of a: Where can I go and how can I get back without quarantine? If you are actually there, the situation and the fairly low snowfall limits raise the question: Can I even get along the roads? After all, such volumes so far down can mean that everything is closed. Then the question arises, if you are actually there: Do you really want to go off-road in these conditions? There's no shame in watching a #Monsterdump on your webcam. Then I would also advise against getting on a gondola if you are somewhere where they are running.

If everything fits, I would go to your favorite safe forest on Sunday. In the west you have to see if more than 70-80cm are coming, otherwise you have to stay on the alpine meadows. Saturday might work on a meadow somewhere, but usually not enough will have fallen for the wad. On Monday there will be a brief lull and you may be able to tour higher again. But I would think twice about that, given the quantities and the frequently converted foundations. After that, everything is still unclear.


Tuesday and Wednesday could already see a resupply, you will find out exactly where and whether it is alarm-worthy in the same place, same wave. It doesn't look too bad after that either!

And always remember to remove the microchips from your touring skis before the first tour, otherwise Bill Gates will soon know your secret stashes because he's monitoring you from space!!!

Powder to the people !

Your oracle

The first prediction game will take place at the "Rossalm - Alpe Cavallo" station. Betting period: 3.12. to 6.12. 20:00h. Submission: until 4.12. 20:00h. Write your tip either here as a comment or in the corresponding forum topic!

This article has been automatically translated by DeepL with subsequent editing. If you notice any spelling or grammatical errors or if the translation has lost its meaning, please write an e-mail to the editors.

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