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PowderAlert 12 2022/23 | One Last Dance with Ullr!

One more to go

by Lars Oelmann 04/13/2023
I actually wanted to write something about a "last hallali" or "Ullr's last attack", but martial war and hunting metaphors somehow have a stale aftertaste after the last year.

Thus, melancholy US high school prom night metaphors to describe the bittersweet end of an era, namely this alarm season. And just like the school years, the winter 2022/23 era was pretty awful for the most part, but got better towards the end.

We managed to come to terms and still had some good times in the powder. The best thing at the end? Ullr dances with us again at the prom and, especially in the Eastern Alps, this alert can be as big as the last time in early February when, to stick with the school metaphors, you finally made out in deep snow in 9th grade and even danced slightly intoxicated in the powder to the rhythm of the snowflakes.

Alert period and areas

The alert applies from now until Sunday evening. It is snowing from the northern Valais to the Vienna Woods, although France may also be subject to alerts. However, the models disagree on this.

The core, however, goes from eastern Switzerland to the Schneeberg, as the eastern Alps are expected to see significantly more. It is also currently snowing in the south-eastern Alps, but this will soon stop.


Not that much, but still a little stronger at the top at times. As the genoa low will be moving right over the Alps for a long time, a lot should still reach the main ridge in the Tauern mountains with little wind. In the western part of the alert area, i.e. in Switzerland, very little will reach the main ridge.

Snow line

Top for mid-April. The snow line also drops to around or just above 1000m in the east and always remains between 800 and 1300m, so that the full amounts should arrive everywhere above 1500m.

The amounts

This is quite difficult to say due to the settling in spring with more than 3 days of alerts, but from eastern Switzerland to North Tyrol it should be 40-60cm in congested areas or even 70cm with full showers. Further to the west there could also be that much, but it could also be just under 30cm, the oracle's crystal ball is a bit clueless.

From Salzburger Land to the east there will be 70-100cm and in accumulation areas it could well be 120 or even 150cm, as the models like to underestimate such slow genoa eggs and it snows for a long time.

In the south it will soon be over, but 40-80cm will also come in the border triangle It/Slo/At.

Where should I go?

It will be difficult during the snowfall, but if you know forests with a base in the core in the east: go for it. From Friday it should be possible in the core, otherwise I'd wait for two more days of alpine meadows and Sunday in the trees.

Monday will probably remain cloudy, but from Tuesday you should find good powder further up in the Tauern. It won't be very warm either, so you should be able to go on great tours up north in sunnier weather next week, but that's so far away that the crystal ball is a bit opaque. Just like the ideas at the prom about how you'll probably live at 30.


Everything can, nothing has to. But it looks rather dry. If something wild happens, there may be another alarm, otherwise the oracle says goodbye for this year and wishes all graduates of the Ullrakademie 22/23 all the best. Remember: Better 20cm on the mountain than 50cm in the forecast!

Powder to the people!

Your oracle

This article has been automatically translated by DeepL with subsequent editing. If you notice any spelling or grammatical errors or if the translation has lost its meaning, please write an e-mail to the editors.

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