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PowderAlert 7 2021/22 | Dust on Crust, the Holiday on Ice alert!

Dear ice queens and ice dancers, it's winter again and your Sulz is finally freezing through!

by Lars Oelmann 01/04/2022
After it rained up to almost 3000m and the Swiss zero degree limit climbed to 3764m on 1.1.22 (statistically likely for mid/end June), it is now winter again. And it's snowing on our boulder-hard frozen ground... Hopefully it won't be a Holiday on Ice week now that the swamp will freeze through. There's just enough for an alarm in the north, and more interesting amounts in the south-east.

Alert period and areas

The alert goes until Thursday morning and in the north from France to the Arlberg, as well as in the south from the Upper Engadine to Slovenia. The core is clearly in the IT/Aut/Slo border triangle, otherwise it is snowing just around the alert limit of 30cm.


Not optimal, but not a hurricane either. In the north, however, there will be full amounts in the traffic jam rather than up to the main ridge.

Snow line

First between 1500 and 2000m, then quite quickly around or below 1000-1300m.


In the north from France to the Arlberg something between 20-40cm. Surprises are more likely downwards, as there is no accumulation.

In the south also 20-40cm from the Upper Engadine to the east. Only in the core 40-70cm, although I don't want to rule out 80 or 90cm in the Julian Alps. But that depends on the development of the lee low south of the Alps.

Where should I go?

Wednesday? Well. I'd see how much falls on our ice before I unpack my skates, er, skis. It's getting scarce everywhere in the forest and there's not much in the south-east yet...?

On Thursday, I'd go on a tour in good weather and hope that I don't hit the lid.


Supplies should arrive from Sunday. How much? No idea, that's still extremely uncertain. But if you look at recent developments, the closer the precipitation gets, the less rather than more is expected. There is hope, however, that after this week with the obligatory rain, next week may also be an invitation to freestyle on the ice.

It will certainly not be very warm in the foreseeable future. After all,

Powder (and skates?) to the people!

Snowy slope prediction game

The season opener prediction game will take place at the "Livinal Lunc 1837m" station from January 4 to January 6 at 13:00: Post your tip by Wednesday, Jan. 5, 5:00pm either here as a comment, or in the Forum. Reminder: There are daily prizes again this year - this time vouchers for the PG store!

This article has been automatically translated by DeepL with subsequent editing. If you notice any spelling or grammatical errors or if the translation has lost its meaning, please write an e-mail to the editors.

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