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PowderAlert 8 2022 /23 | Westwinteralert

Snow line lower than feared!

by Lars Oelmann 03/09/2023
As announced, the snowfall continues seamlessly. Surprisingly, the snow line for this alarm is lower than feared at times. Ullr likes us after all! A strong westerly flow is also dumping a lot of snow, but no Californian records are in danger.

Alert period and areas

The alert goes from the Alrberg to the Hautes Alpes and the core goes from the Swiss border to the Isere region.

The alert goes until Sunday afternoon, then it breaks up.


Strong to stormy, but only strong storm on Friday. After that, lifts could open at the top. It pushes as far as the Valais and the Italian-French border ridge.

Snow line

First around 1400-1700m, then it will drop to 1000-1200m in Valais on Friday night, further north also lower to 700-800m on Saturday. In northern Switzerland, in France on the southern edge of the Alps, it may only go down to 1400-1600m, as everything is extremely close together. On Sunday it will rise again to 1200-1500m in the lower Valais

Above 1600-1900m everything will be snow.

The amounts

From Arlberg to central Switzerland it will be 30-60cm, from central Switzerland to Valais 60-80cm, from the lower Valais to France 70-100cm and in congested areas in France up to 120cm of snow over the three days.

Where should I go?

I would go to France in trees with a base if you're looking for the full dose. In Valais, that's going to be pretty tight, because a lot of areas in the west, get just enough to be able to ride in the forest again. For Sunday, I'd look for something with upside potential, because that's when it'll break open.

Medium term

Monday extremely warm, Tuesday cool again and replenishment. After that, nothing is certain.

Powder to the people,

Your oracle.

Snow depth prediction game

The snow depth prediction game will take place at the "Ecreuleuse (2252m)" station from March 9 to March 12 at 16:00: Post your tip in the forum by Friday, 10.3. at 22:00 -> competitions !

This article has been automatically translated by DeepL with subsequent editing. If you notice any spelling or grammatical errors or if the translation has lost its meaning, please write an e-mail to the editors.

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