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TouringTip | Roascharte

Great gully in the Puez-Odle Group

by Christian Skala • 11/26/2020
Excellent espresso, sunshine and a landscape to fall in love with - it can only be Italy. Away from the hustle and bustle around the Sella massif, you will find the Roascharte in the Puez-Geisler group in the western Dolomites. We choose the quiet, north-facing ascent, where there are still very good opportunities for powder snow, even quite late in the season.

Note: The PG touring tips are general descriptions of tours that we like very subjectively. Our touring tips do NOT refer to CURRENT CONDITIONS. Read the situation report and the weather forecast and plan your tour accordingly.

Spring in the Dolomites is particularly attractive, with powder snow in the north gully with a transition to firn and then an espresso in the sun.


From the parking lot, take the forest path (marker 5) into the valley in a south-westerly direction until you come to a hairpin bend. At this bend, leave the forest path and take a sharp left into the forest. This takes you to the left side of the valley, where the ascent continues in a south-westerly direction. From this point onwards, you cross the impressive north faces, still quite flat and leisurely, towards the head of the valley. From around 2000 m, the terrain becomes steeper until you reach the head of the valley. Only there does the steeper north gully, the destination of the ski tour, finally appear. The route then becomes steeper and steeper with numerous hairpin bends through the gully to the Roascharte. The conditions in the gully should be suitable (avalanche danger!). From there there is a good panoramic view before the most beautiful section of the tour begins, the descent. Despite it being spring, it can get quite chilly on the ascent as a large part of the tour runs in the shade of the north faces.

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The descent is the same as the ascent. We had a very good time back in April, with beautiful powder snow in the gully and an almost direct transition to firn. We were allowed to ski the entire tour and didn't see a single ski tourer during the descent. Great mountain panorama, no people and good snow - what more could a ski tourer's heart want?


Difficulty (5-level scale): 3

Equipment: Crampons are an advantage for the steep sections, depending on the conditions and time of year.

Exposure: north, north-east

Altitude difference start | finish: approx. 1550 m | 2617 m

Altitude difference uphill and downhill: approx. 1070 m

Duration: approx. 3.5 hours

Best time of year: March, April

Accommodation: Various accommodation options in San Martino in Badia

How to get there: From San Martino. Martin im Gadertal first to Campill and then continue towards Misci until you reach the parking lot "Parcheggio Val di Morins LungiarĂĽ" in a right-hand bend.

Topographic maps: Kompass - Villnösstal, Val di Funes ISBN: 978-3-85026-737-3 Publisher number: WK 627

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