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Girls* On Ice Austria 2024 - glacier expedition for young women*

A free programme that combines science, art and mountain adventure.



Treffpunkt wird nach Anmeldung bekannt gegeben
Ötztal, Österreich
The aim is to awaken the curiosity and interest of young women* in the natural sciences, to combine art and science, to break down traditional gender roles and to strengthen confidence in physical abilities in a relaxed environment.


Together with other young women* aged between 15 and 17, they camp away from civilisation for a week, with the participants themselves being responsible for the smooth running of the expedition. Various activities are used to impart knowledge about glaciers, alpine landscapes, weather, climate and climate change. Artistic activities offer the opportunity for creative development and show how science and art are connected. The programme is led by glaciologists, an artist and a mountain guide. The focus is on tackling challenges together, supporting each other and developing further. 


 (will be adapted to the weather and glacier conditions)

  • Day 1: Arrival, getting to know each other, overview of the programme, distribution of equipment, first overnight stay in tents

  • Day 2: Hike to the glacier moraine and setting up our base camp

  • Day 3-8: Exploration of the moraine, nearby glacier and rivers, science experiments, creative and artistic activities, and introduction to mountaineering

  • Day 9: Break camp, hike to the valley 

  • Day 10: collecting the results of the experiments, preparing presentations, returning materials, reflection

  • Day 11: presenting the results to an audience (in public), travelling home


  • The application period for the expedition in 2024 is 27 November 2023 to 16 February 2024.

  • Girls* on Ice Austria will be held in German.

  • Registration is open to all 15 to 17-year-old women* who understand German.

  • Applications from Austria, Germany and the surrounding area are preferred. The aim is to put together a team that is as diverse as possible.

  • The programme is not necessarily looking for participants who are top performers in sport, have the best grades or take part in numerous extracurricular activities. Rather, committed and versatile participants are welcome.

  • Skills & knowledge in mountaineering & glaciology are not required, but the willingness to learn what is necessary for safe and successful participation is expected.

  • Young people who are physically or mentally impaired are also encouraged to apply as some programme items can be adapted to specific needs.

  • Any more questions? Here is the FAQ.

  • Want to hear what former participants have to say about Inspiring Girls* Expeditions? Then take a look at Alumni Testimonials (in English)!


In 1999, Dr Erin Pettit led the first glacier expeditions during her doctoral thesis, which later became Girls* on Ice. The programme was initially funded almost exclusively by private donations. In 2010, a 5-year grant from the American National Science Foundation was added. With the establishment of an Alaskan version of Girls on Ice in 2012, the expansion of the programme began and the overarching organisation 'Inspiring Girls Expeditions' was founded. Girls* on Ice Austria is one of these Inspiring Girls* Expeditions and shares the philosophy and content of the programme. However, the association Girls* on Ice Austria, founded in 2020, is financially and organisationally independent of Inspiring Girls* Expeditions.

*Applications encouraged from female-identifying, non-binary and trans young people