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Long-term gear review | Evoc Patrol Series

Flexible and versatile touring backpacks

by PowderGuide 11/20/2017
With the Patrol series, Evoc has backpacks in its program that cover practically the entire touring range in sizes 32, 40 and 55l. While the "small" 30l Patrol is ideal for extended day tours, the medium 40l model is not only suitable for very material-intensive activities, but also for multi-day tours with overnight stays in winter shelters, for example. The Patrol 55l is recommended for camping tours or very long trips with lots of gear.

Much of the PowderGuide editorial team loves the well-designed, versatile and durable Patrol backpacks from our longtime partner Evoc and have been using them for touring for years. Previous versions of the "small" Patrol 32 and the medium Patrol 40 have already been tested, now we take the relatively new, large Patrol 55 as an opportunity to take stock of the entire series after many hours of skiing.

First impression and differences between the various models

The Patrol series is basically a classic toploader with a lid pocket, which is divided into two parts and has a padded compartment on the outside (e.g. for ski goggles) and a waterproof valuables or card compartment on the inside. However, all Patrol models also offer access to the main compartment via a zipper - a feature that no one who has ever experienced it in a backpack will ever want to do without again, as you don't have to empty out the entire backpack every time to get to the crampons at the bottom, for example.

The compartment for safety equipment is on the outside and accessible via a zipper, and all models also have a sturdy side ski attachment, a vertical snowboard attachment with metal hooks, which is of course also ideal for attaching other equipment, a small patch pocket on the hip belt, a practical outer pocket on the side, for example for a water bottle or skins, and a helmet holder, which can be attached either at the back of the backpack or above the lid pocket. Of course, there is also an ice axe holder, chest strap, double closure of the main compartment at the top with drawstrings with tankas, a compartment for a hydration bladder and other usual details.

32l version
The smallest version is the only one with 2 ice axe holders, but is otherwise identical to the 40l version except for the size. As it can be easily compressed, the backpack can be used for freeriding in the ski area despite the 32l, but the main focus of use is of course on touring. For practically all types of day tours, tourers who like to pack a lot of equipment should also be able to cope well, even for multi-day tours with overnight stays in huts, the backpack can be used if you don't take too much with you.

40l version
The version with 40 liters of volume is ideal for extended day tours with high material requirements, as well as for multi-day tours with overnight stays in huts, even as self-catering or in winter rooms. You can really pack a lot into the backpack, but it still sits perfectly on the body both on the ascent and during the descent and thanks to the side access you can also easily reach material stowed further down.

55l version
In contrast to the smaller models, the Patrol 55 does not have side access, but the back panel can be opened with a zipper, which makes it even easier to access items stowed far below, especially with the large backpack. In addition, the carrying system is designed with more and stronger (removable) metal struts in order to be able to carry larger loads relatively well. As a final fundamental difference, the Patrol 55 has an additional zippered compartment for small items on the outside of the compartment for safety equipment. Due to its size, the Patrol 55 is of course primarily designed for long trips, even with a tent or really heavy luggage.

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Testers and test conditions

The fact that practically the entire PowderGuide editorial team has been using one or other version of the Patrol backpacks for ski touring, in some cases for several years, meant that not only all conceivable conditions could be covered, but also the durability and durability of the Patrol backpacks could be tested in addition to their performance. The backpacks were not only used in the various mountain regions of Europe, but also in North and South America and deepest Central Asia. It should also be noted that the Patrols can all be adjusted to different back lengths, which significantly increases carrying comfort.

Test report

All backpacks in the Patrol series are very easy to pack. Both from the top as a toploader and through the side access, you can easily access the entire contents of the respective backpack at any time, even during use. The compartment for emergency equipment is quite spacious, especially in the 40 and 55 liter versions, and can easily hold a shovel, probe, first aid kit and bivy sack as well as skins, for example. The compartments in the lid are also easily accessible and practical. The open side pocket on the outside has proven to be particularly popular in our long-term gear review. Of course, you can also put your skins or sunglasses in here, but the members of the editorial team usually use it for the famous drinking bottle. The advantage of this is that you can drink something at any time without having to take off your backpack (ok, admittedly it requires a little contortion when putting the bottle away), which is quite nice on longer ascents. The small pocket on the hip belt is also useful, as you can easily stow small items such as muesli bars, a compass, helmet camera, GPS etc. and always have them to hand.

All patrols sit well on the back and allow a good load transfer to the hips. The shoulder straps also sit comfortably and are easy to adjust. While the small Patrols can get a little overloaded with a really heavy load (a fully packed backpack with skis and ski boots on the outside), the Patrol 55 deserves special praise here: the carrying system is really solid and makes it possible to carry heavy loads for longer periods of time. Of course, this size also puts the most strain on the carrying system, as the fully packed backpack is already quite heavy for a multi-day tour with camping equipment, a long ski crossing or similar. It should also be mentioned right away that the lids of the current models in the series are sewn on, so the volume can only be expanded upwards to a limited extent.

Thanks to the numerous attachment options on the outside of the backpacks, skis and snowboards as well as ice tools or an extra jacket or rope can be quickly and securely attached to the outside of the backpack. However, the metal buckles on the cross straps for attaching the snowboard tend to come loose by themselves when the pack is unloaded and skiing. When loaded, however, they hold well.

The close-fitting cut of the backpacks, coupled with the not too pronounced padding, means that the backpacks fit very well on the body during the descent. Especially with the large models, you can tell that they are designed for skiing and snowboarding!


With the Patrol series, Evoc offers backpacks for all serious ski tours that carry the load well on the hips and sit well on the body both on the ascent and descent. Thanks to the different sizes on offer, you can choose the right backpack for your own plans, which you then neither have to overload nor carry empty through the world. The durability is also impressive in continuous use.

Advantages & disadvantages

+Wears well, both on the ascent and descent

+Numerous useful compartments and pockets

+Additional access to the main compartment via zipper on the side or back

. Back

Lid sewn on (on the current models), therefore less expandable


RRP: €190.- (32l version), €210.- (40l version), €230.- (55l version)
Weight: 1600g (32l version), 1700g (40l version), 1850g (55l version)
Air Circulation System
Compartment for mobile phone
Climbing equipment loop
Hip belt pocket
Hydration system holder
Key clip
Map pocket
Helmet holder loops
Signal whistle
Water-repellent pocket
Snow goggle pocket
Pocket for avalanche equipment
Ice axe holder
Ski holder (vertical)
Snowboard holder
Snowshoe holder

Here is the link to Evoc's website with more information about the Patrol 32, 40 and 55. Here you can buy the backpack in the version with 32l, 40l and 55l at our partner store

Different models and generations of the Evoc Patrol series were provided to us free of charge by the manufacturer. You can find out how we test them in our test statement.

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