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Ski touring skin test 2011 | Contour cut-to-size skin

Contour cut fur

by Lea Hartl 03/27/2011
The Contour cut-to-size coat is an inconspicuous candidate. Classically equipped, it seems to be a good compromise between price, performance and durability.

The Contour cut-to-size skin is an inconspicuous candidate. Classically equipped, it seems to be a good compromise between price, performance and durability.


Manufacturer: Contour
Model: Contour cut fur 120, length: 195 cm, width: 120 mm
Material: 70% mohair, 30% synthetic
Weight: 750 grams
Price (RRP): 129.95 euros (190 cm, 120 mm)

Practical test

The fastening system is tried and tested, with rubber tensioners on the tip and metal hooks on the tail. This system has been proven to work for a long time, but it has weaknesses when using twin tips (tail hooks slip off easily) and with wide, very "round" ski tips (tip bar does not hold perfectly, a wider bar helps here). The length of the skin should also be relatively well matched to the skis used so that the skins are not too loose (snow then collects under the foremost part of the skin and penetrates further and further under the skin) but also not so tight that they are difficult to pull on. In principle, however, handling is simple and works well in practice. Everything you need is included: separating film, cutting knife, cutting template and storage bag.

Ascent performance

Gliding properties: ***
Climbing properties: ****
Boulder slope: ***
Water absorption: ***
Stickiness: *** The ascent performance is impeccable so far, especially the climbing properties are convincing. As expected, the gliding properties are slightly worse than the 100% mohair skins, but in return we expect the Contour-Mix skin to be more durable and robust.
The adhesive sticks, but it soon reaches its limits when it is applied and removed several times during a tour. The adhesive strength cannot keep up with certain other skins (e.g. G3, Black Diamond). Water absorption, weight and stud inclination are within the normal range. When tracking in deep snow, snow may gradually penetrate under the tensioning device on the tip, but this has had no consequences in practice so far, as the snow can be easily removed. Test conditions: Ascents in powder, firn and broken snow in mostly medium but also warmer temperatures, unfortunately no test possible at low temperatures. A maximum of 2 ascents per tour.


The Contour skin is a solid all-rounder without top values but also without weaknesses. It can be used in any situation and is certainly more robust than the mohair skins and has better gliding properties than the pure synthetic skins. Positives: Good all-round performance, inexpensive. Negatives: Old-fashioned fastening system (works, but there are better ones), mediocre adhesive.

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