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ContestHappening 07/2020 | FWT Fieberbrunn

Perfect conditions for the 10th anniversary

by Tobias Huber 03/09/2020
The conditions at the tenth anniversary of the FWT stop in Fieberbrunn could not have been better: With fresh new snow and the best weather, Marion Haerty (FRA), Arianna Tricomi (ITA), Nils Mindnich (USA) and Craig Murray (NZL) won the fourth and penultimate FWT stage of 2020. Gigi Rüf (AUT) came second in the snowboarder category and Tao Kreibich (AUT) secured a strong fifth place in the skier category.

For the riders on the Wildseeloder, it was all about qualifying for the final at the 25th Xtreme Verbier and for the FWT 2021, as a cut will be made in the overall standings after the event in Fieberbrunn. Only the best three of the four season results of each participant will be included in the ranking. Only the best six female skiers and 13 male skiers as well as four female snowboarders and six male snowboarders can qualify. Here is the replay of the contest and the respective runs.

Snowboard men: double victory for Mindnich

The snowboard men in Fieberbrunn started and finished the event: After the actual tour stop in Fieberbrunn, they also made up for the canceled competition in Andorra and therefore completed two runs. This resulted in a sensational double victory for Nils Mindnich (USA). In his first performance in the morning, he impressed the jury with a stylish run and numerous jumps - the highlight being a 360 in the upper section and two 180s, between which he skied the somewhat flatter middle section of the downhill switch. Second place went to Gigi Rüf (AUT), who showed a freestyle-oriented run that included two 360s. "I was allowed to start first and managed to keep a good score. The result came as a surprise, but of course I'm super happy because my previous results left a lot to be desired," said Gigi after the competition. Third place went to Sammy Luebke (USA), who landed three high and wide airs on his big mountain line.

In the later, second competition for snowboarders, which all riders began at the left-hand start as seen by the spectators, Nils Mindnich then managed to hit the double: two 360s and two more high airs also earned him victory in the Andorra replacement competition. Second place went to Cody Bramwell (SWE), who was the first snowboarder in the history of the Fieberbrunn event to perform a gap jump over the natural halfpipe in the lower slope area, as opened by Mikael Bimboes two years ago. Blake Hamm (USA) secured third place with two 360s and two more airs.

In the overall standings, Nils Mindnich is now in first place ahead of defending champion Victor De Le Rue (FRA) and Sammy Luebke. Gigi Rüf is sixth and thus qualified for the final in Verbier. Elias Elhardt (GER), who finished eighth and ninth today, came seventh in the overall standings, narrowly missing out on qualification.

Men's skiing: Craig Murray is back!

After his injury at last year's Fieberbrunn contest, Craig Murray (NZL) took first place in this year's skiers' competition. A 360 in the steep upper section of the slope shortly before the "Häusl Cliff" and a long flatspin 360 were the main reasons for this. Second place went to Isaac Freeland (USA), who landed two 360s and numerous other airs during his flowing run, just like last time in Andorra. Third place went to Hank Bilous (NZL), who chose a creative line and incorporated several high airs. Tao Kreibich from Altach (AUT), who was celebrating his debut on the "Loder", landed a creative transfer and three more airs safely and solidly. The man from Vorarlberg thus achieved his best FWT result with fifth place.

Isaac Freeland now leads the overall rankings ahead of Kristofer Turdell (SWE), the overall FWT winner from 2018, and Andrew Pollard (USA), who finished ninth today. Tao Kreibich finishes the season in 16th place, narrowly missing out on qualification for Verbier.

Isaac Freeland now leads the overall rankings ahead of Kristofer Turdell (SWE), the overall FWT winner from 2018, and Andrew Pollard (USA), who finished ninth today. Tao Kreibich finished the season in 16th place, narrowly missing out on qualification for Verbier.

Women's skiing: Tricomi wins despite injury

In the women's skiing, defending champion Arianna Tricomi (ITA) achieved her first win of the season after two second places and a sixth place. She shone with a whole series of drops, some of them bigger, including a 360. The fresh snow encouraged the injured skier to jump very active airs, she reported: "Three weeks ago I tore some ligaments in my foot. The doctors said that the season was over. But I felt good enough to give it a go - after all, I'm a physiotherapist. The fact that I've now won is of course incredible!". As in Andorra, second place went to Jaclyn Paaso (USA), who stood out with a high air in the upper section and a very fluid run. Third place went to Jacqueline Pollard (USA) thanks to a creative and fluid line choice, several safe airs and a technically demanding run through a chute.

Arianna Tricomi is now first in the overall standings ahead of Hedvig Wessel (NOR) and Jaclyn Paaso.

Women's snowboard: Marion Haerty takes victory and the overall standings

In the women's snowboarding competition, Marion Haerty (FRA) secured her third world championship title in a row even before the final. After her third win of the season, which she secured in Fieberbrunn with a fluid run and confident jumps, she can no longer be overtaken in the overall rankings. Second place went to Andorra winner Michaela Davis-Meehan (AUS), who combined a technical passage with several airs. Third place went to Erika Vikander (USA) after a flawless and fluid run. "The day was perfect for having fun and enjoying the snow," said Marion Haerty. "This is exactly the kind of slope I love, a mixture of big mountain and bowl.

In the overall standings, the Frenchwoman has an unassailable lead over Michaela Davis-Meehan and Erika Vikander (USA). The next and final event of the FWT 2020 is the grand finale in Switzerland: the Xtreme Verbier will take place for the 25th time from March 28 to April 5, 2020.

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