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gear of the week

Gear of the Week | Edelrid - Hexon Multifuel - Multi-fuel cooker

The all-rounder

by Steffen Kruse • 04/10/2022
For years now, the Hexon has accompanied me on many adventures around the globe, from sea level to 6,000 metres, from sun to storm, from snow to rain. After around 500 firing missions, from coffee to FlĂĽelatal porcini mushroom risotto, I take stock.

Bivouacking is slowly becoming more interesting for the masses again. Whether as a snow bivouac or on the rock, you need a coffee in the morning or a delicious dinner in the evening. I tried my luck with various gas burners for a long time. Sometimes there was no piercing cartridge, sometimes only click cartridges and sometimes there were no threaded cartridges. The search for the right cartridge, the eternal decision between gas, petrol and paraffin got on my nerves. I just wanted to burn what I had or what I could get. It's now been over 10 years since I made the purchase decision and I'm still passionate about the Hexon!

The pictures are a story in themselves and are taken from the life of the Hexon. It was my first petrol burner and I was a little sceptical, not to say anxious, about how it would work with a petrol burner. But I can reassure you that it's really well thought out and safe. Of course, I can't pump until the petrol runs over my feet or onto my sleeping bag in the tent, but with a little care and technical flair, even I can do it!

gear of the week
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The supplied 0.40 litre bottle with the pump works perfectly and is easy to use. There are also larger fuel bottles available, but I prefer to have more PET bottles (usually 0.5 litres) with me when needed.

You can read all sorts of things about the device on the internet, but I'm more of a practical person and say that it's brilliantly simple, has a few quirks like all of us, but has never let me down and I've only had to replace the hose so far. This is quite "compressed" with the small pack size. But to be honest, it weighs around 220 grams, burns pretty much everything that comes into its nozzle and does so reliably. Some people find the Hexon too loud, others find it too shaky, others only want to burn pure petrol because the manufacturer says so, and someone thinks it takes too long to boil water. Yes, the Hexon is very compact and therefore certainly not a camping drill and yes, it is not silent. I have never used pure petrol, but I have burnt litres of petrol when I have got 98, and when I haven't, I haven't. I haven't cleaned it particularly well or worn it on cotton wool.

When I bought it, it came with a small fuel bottle with pump, a very comprehensive spare parts set and a tool, as well as an aluminium windscreen (very practical).

I really don't know what a better, smaller and more durable burner could look like. For me, the Hexon is always a good fire witch!

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gear of the week
presented by