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gear of the week

Gear of the Week | Flappjacks

For the small and big appetite in between

by Sebastian Siep 12/30/2018
Since my discovery of booster straps and the Castsystem, I haven't had any gadgets for skiing that could revolutionize my skiing days. Even with these newly discovered energy storage devices, it was only the feedback from my ski buddies and the realization of their season-independent usability that was a revelation.

During intensive days on the mountain, whether freeriding or skiing or mountaineering, the body needs quick and long-lasting energy. Enduring concentration and fitness are based, among other things, on power reserves that can be made available to the rider through released energy.

In English-speaking, far-western countries, flappjacks are soggy pancakes and therefore of less interest to us. However, on the archipelago, which is still in our north, flappjacks are a long-known piece of equipment in the form presented here among climbers and mountain bikers, among others.

After all, the basic recipe is nothing more than fat, sugar and carbohydrates, but in an appealing form and combination that provides the sugar as a quick kick-starter and the carbohydrates for longer-lasting energy.

I've tried so many things now, from chocolate bars, energy gels, fruit, battle plates, summit snaps to safety halves. They all have their certain effects or tolerated side effects, but they can only keep up with the high-performance batteries of the Flappjacks to a limited extent.

First explanation on my part for anyone who is skeptical: they are homemade granola bars.

gear of the week
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My basic recipe for three large bars or one very large loaf:

Butter 250g, maple syrup 150ml (half a bottle), rolled oats at least 500g (coarse or fine)


Melt the butter in a medium saucepan and add the maple syrup, bubble briefly. Turn off the heat and add the rolled oats. Stir the whole thing until it is a nice sticky mixture. Then either fold in the baking paper or place in a buttered tin in the oven at 180° for 30-35 minutes. Cool and place in the fridge overnight to firm up. Serve, serve!

The basic recipe invites you to get creative. You can add or mix in anything you like to the oat flakes. Nuts, fruit, dried fruit, muesli, chocolate.

My favorites: dried cranberries, chopped bananas or add some of the fat with peanut butter.

Smarties did not work so well, they melt (was clear before), the color runs and the chocolate is not so intense. It almost looks moldy with blue and green.

There are also recipes that use sugar instead of maple syrup. I tried it, but it was like my attempt with agave syrup: not so good. But it's more a matter of taste.

Conclusion compared to other energy drinks and bars:

First advantage: homemade, the way I want it. Second advantage of homemade: the others want some of it and admire your core performance, which apparently starts with the intensive preparation. Other advantages: you can make it yourself in no time at all (it takes 5 minutes to buy and 10 minutes to prepare), you can prepare it however you like, there is hardly any waste and even after a few weeks nothing goes bad. And last but not least, it has plenty of power.

This substance is harmless and socially acceptable and what you can experience with it is addictive. Great for sharing during any breaks in the gondola or during summit interval training before or after a gully. Delicious with coffee, water, Le Mumba and even wine. Looks good next to cheese, chocolate and fruit on the outdoor table and makes some people curious to try it out. Also for freestylers!

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gear of the week
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