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Gear Review | Tour 30 Women Removable Airbag 3.0

Lightweight ski touring airbag backpack from Mammut put to the test

by Antonia Paulus 02/27/2023
The Tour 30 Women Removable Airbag 3.0 from Mammut promises optimum carrying comfort with a hip belt customised for women and a shorter back length. Thanks to its low weight, the good organisation of the interior and its visually appealing appearance, the backpack will make freeriding and ski touring fans' hearts beat faster.

First impression

Orange details immediately catch the eye and these are not just aesthetic features, but also a clear advantage, especially in bad weather conditions, as the backpack is easily recognisable from a distance and can therefore ensure greater safety. The zips appear to be very robust and easy to operate - an important element, as there is no time to waste with poor zip systems when things have to be done quickly! The backpack has an integrated helmet holder, drawstrings to attach the snowboard, splitboard or skis and there are also sufficient attachment and holding options for other equipment such as ice axes and poles. The backpack can also be opened from the side.

Tester and test conditions

I'm about 1.60 metres tall, weigh around 60 kilos according to the swimming pool scales and, as a student, I prefer to spend my time in the powder during winter; on a snowboard or on skis. I prefer to ski variations in the resort, but I also like to earn myself an untracked run in the backcountry with an ascent.

Personally, I would describe myself as a downhill-orientated pleasure freerider. I've been using an older Mammut airbag backpack model for 3 years and can confirm that the Tour 30 Women Removable Airbag 3.0 makes a big, or rather slight, difference in terms of weight.

I tested the test backpack both while freeriding and on ski tours from December to February and it was a faithful companion in snowfall and sunshine. I only tested it for day trips, as at 30 litres it is too small for me for a multi-day tour to a self-catering hut.

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Test report

The Tour 30 Women Removable Airbag 3.0 is very slim-fitting and hugs the back very comfortably thanks to the 3D back padding. Weighing around 2.4 kilos (weight of backpack with airbag system and carbon cartridge), it is a very comfortable companion for the ascent and descent and I always felt very unrestricted and free.

The airbag was deployed once for testing, the T-handle can be pulled very easily with a tug and the airbag inflates within a few seconds (according to Mammut in three seconds). The T-handle can be easily adjusted to different body sizes. The correct folding technique of the airbag to integrate it back into the backpack after deployment is a little complicated, but you can find the operating instructions online. It might be an advantage to print them out and stow them in the backpack. The safety equipment is stowed in a separate compartment, but this is not directly accessible from the outside via quick access.

For a day ski tour or a freeride day, the backpack offers enough storage space on the outside and inside and thanks to the many gear loops and holders, I was able to attach all my equipment without any problems and stow it away systematically. Thanks to the quick access, it is also possible to make a technical stop after the first ten minutes of a ski tour and put on or take off a layer of clothing or quickly grab a water bottle and snacks without much effort. If you're in a hurry, the hip belt pocket also offers enough storage space for a muesli bar. Mammut also endeavours to be sustainable and produces the backpack from PFC-free and partially recycled materials.


The Mammut Airbag backpack convinced me for day ski tours and freeriding due to its low weight, the carrying conformity, the good organisation and also the look. For the ascent, the rucksack is very comfortable to carry and handle and the signal colours make it almost impossible to get lost in a group: this means you can run a little ahead or comfortably stay at the back on a ski tour: your mountain friends won't lose sight of you! The backpack is barely noticeable when skiing or snowboarding, combining comfort and safety.

Advantages and disadvantages

+ low weight

+ Signal colours and optics

+ practical layout

+ sufficient material loops

+ very comfortable back upholstery

+ Hip and chest straps feel very good

+ soft eyewear compartment

- The women's model of the avalanche backpack is only available in 30 litres

Information on

RRP: 660€

  • Suitable for day ski tours or freeriding

  • Weight: 2410 g

  • Airbag system: Removable airbag system

  • Cartridge included: no

  • Inflation time: 3 seconds

  • Height-adjustable deployment handle

  • Airbag in signal colour

  • Transferable between compatible backpacks

  • 2-layer high-density EVA back padding, hip and shoulder straps with stretch fabric cover

  • Thermo-moulded back for high carrying comfort

  • Side compression straps

  • Diagonal ski attachment

  • Snowboard and splitboard holder

  • Daisy-chain-attachment for additional material fixation

  • Material loop on hip belt

  • Zip pocket on hip belt

  • 2 holders for ice axe and poles

  • Integrated helmet holder

  • SOS label with emergency instructions

Here you can find more information about the airbag backpack from Mammut. 

The backpack was provided to PowderGuide by the manufacturer for the duration of the test. You can find out how we tested it in our test statement.

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gear reviews
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