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PowderGuide leaves into summer break 2024

We look forward to next winter!

by PowderGuide 05/17/2024
Dear readers, another season is drawing to a close, editorial content has already become scarcer in the last two weeks and the PowderGuide editorial team is slowly going into summer hibernation. And yet this year is different than usual! For the first time, our weather service is NOT taking a summer break! And of course neither is the development team...

We can look back on an exciting season full of highs and lows, especially in terms of snow conditions! But also as far as the development of is concerned - both in a technical and personal sense: a lot of new things have been added and a lot of tried and tested things have been revitalised. Last season we saw a significant expansion of the editorial team with a number of winter sports enthusiasts, skiers and snowboarders. As we can never have enough of them, we would be delighted to welcome any additional contributors! If you are interested, have article ideas or suggestions, please get in touch via email.

In November, we launched a completely new website including self-programmed weather forecast maps and were able to implement one or two further extensions over the course of the season. Towards the end of the winter, the long-awaited English PowderGuide website was added, which has already increased our reach over the remainder of the winter. We are excited to see how this will develop next winter.

The weather maps have also been expanded and will be further revised in the coming weeks so that new features and forecast maps for all relevant European mountains will be ready for next winter. We will also continue to improve the website in one place or another to make it even more convenient and quicker for you to use. After the winter is always before the winter and so the PowderGuide development team has a long list of things to do, culminating in a thorough overhaul of the ConditionsReports app - and definitely no summer break.

Winter is not yet over in the high altitudes of the Alps anyway - as our snow depth map shows. Thanks to the constant snowfall in recent weeks and the fortunately not yet too high temperatures, the conditions for high-altitude tours are still perfect, as the one or other current ConditionsReport impressively demonstrates. There will certainly be a few more CRs to come. For the first time in the last 25 summer breaks, the weather forecasts for the summer continue! Accordingly, these can be used in the future for alpine tour preparation or the early start of the ski season in October. Of course also for preparations of any other mountain adventure, to know where the sun is shining and where it is not raining! And vice versa, if desired.

Nevertheless, it's time for us to say goodbye to winter and go into a well-deserved editorial summer hibernation before we start again next season. When the peaks turn white again, our bells will ring and we'll be back to report.

We would like to thank all our loyal readers, CRs and CR readers, partners and companions and wish you a wonderful summer! Stay healthy! We look forward to seeing you again in autumn!

Your PG team

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