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PowderAlert 13 2023 /24 | Infinite Südstau II

Glacier growth weather

by Lars Oelmann 03/29/2024
This alert is not an alert, at least not in the alert period, because it is too warm to use it until Tuesday. But more on that below.

Ullr still has the Südstau lever pressed, but unfortunately he seems to have fallen asleep and stayed on the temperature control. And as he slowly slips off the chair while "working", he unfortunately pushes it too far up. Huge amounts come up, but unfortunately only quite far up and so there is glacier glue for the high tour season. When this is stable, you can certainly look at some extraordinary steep faces in the south, because the amounts that have been there since February should make a lot possible.

Alert period and areas

This alert extends from south-west France via the Maritime Alps across the entire Southern Alps to Slovenia. The extended core extends from the Aosta Valley to the Upper Engadine. And the doomsday zone from Monte Rosa to Ticino.

It will last from Friday evening until Monday lunchtime, as it will continue to accumulate. Note the length and the warmth in the forecast, because it will settle properly and the new snow totals will probably mean less snow depth growth than usual.


Hurricane everywhere. Storms on the main ridge, in the north, in the lowlands and also in the south. It pushes powerfully over the main ridge. Powder? Hardly any.

The snowline

As I said, it's high up. Depending on the day, the valley and the intensity of the traffic jam, between 1800 and 2200 m. In the hardcore core, I wouldn't rule out 1400-1700 m. Friday/Saturday tends to be higher than Sunday and Monday.

If it pushes far over the main ridge, it can also rain higher in the north with foehn effects, as it is warmer in the north.

The quantities

From south-west France to the Turin Alps and east of the Upper Engadine 60-80 cm, possibly a little more. In the extended core such as Aosta and the Upper Engadine, 70-100 cm of fresh snow. Up to 20 cm more towards the centre.

In the full hit area from Monte Rosa to Ticino, there will be 150-200 cm of fresh snow and I wouldn't rule out 250 cm either. Some glass balls go beyond that, but I would dismiss that as digital nonsense.

Where should I go?

Well. I'd say stay at home, look for Easter eggs, drink beer and shake your head at the high-altitude measuring stations. If you really want to know, you should perhaps look for tall trees somewhere on the Simplon or in north-west Ticino on Sunday and hope that there is no Glop™ (this term is oracle-patented and means slush) from 1800 m, but at least fresh snow that you can drive on. But given the volume and the risk of avalanches further up, I wouldn't advise it anyway.


Tuesday should open up (still very uncertain because of the time frame), and you could tentatively speculate on ski resort openings (remember, there's not only fresh snow up there, but also gale-force winds, so everything is closed) and Wednesday it could get colder from the north, so you can look south to see if there's something more stable further up, so you can take advantage of the exceptional situation.

If you wanted to go on the Haute Route - a mass sports idea at Easter anyway - then good night and good luck 😉

Medium term

Typically unclear in spring, but tending to be warm to summery again towards next weekend. High tour season at the beginning of April.

Precipitation and hurricane to the people! (You remember the first lines, this is not an alert)

Your oracle

Prediction game #13: Core zone station "Bortelsee (2517m)"

The snow depth prediction game no. 13 takes place at the station "Bortelsee (2517m)" from Friday, 29th March 07:30 to 1st April 12:00. The initial value of the snow depth at the station "Bortelsee (2517m)" is 449cm (29.3. 07:30).

Write your fresh snow tip as a comment below by Friday 29 March at 21:00! Reminder: prediction game rules, prediction game player reminder by email.

Hopefully the alert won't be an April Fool's joke, no joke is the first prize from this year's betting game: The Bamboo 104 slats from Valhalla - Handmade ski dreams from the Black Forest!

This article has been automatically translated by DeepL with subsequent editing. If you notice any spelling or grammatical errors or if the translation has lost its meaning, please write an e-mail to the editors.

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