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PowderAlert 15 2017/18 | Ullr's first prank in the west and north

And the second follows immediately?

by Lars Oelmann 01/15/2018
At least it looks as if things will continue to be lively after that, as the low pressure systems and their fronts will be in full swing in the brisk westerly flow. More on this in the paragraph on the medium term. It seems that there are only big snowfalls left this season and freeriders are happy to accept them, as they are good for building up the snowpack later and in the meantime you can finally have fun in the trees without a handbrake!

Alert period and area

The entire northern and western Alpine arc: From the French Hautes Alpes in the south to the Rax, though there are exciting sums only from the Arlberg to France and the core is in western Valais and northern France. East of the Arlberg, we're just crawling around above the alert limit.

This alert is valid until Wednesday evening, but it essentially won't stop snowing, so I'll make a cut at 48h.


Well, hurricane lows bring: Hurricane. Exactly, it gets quite unpleasant at the top. But: as you can't see anything above the tree line anyway and no gondolas open, it doesn't matter. It pushes on as far as the main ridge in France or beyond. The same goes for Valais, Mittelbünden, Goms and probably also northern Ticino again.

Snowfall line

Phew, that's more exciting, but it should be pleasing for most: First it rains in the western Swiss Alps and France between 1300-1500m, inner alpine and in the north so between 900m (the 900m rather inner alpine, in Valais possibly even lower) and 1200m. But then it goes all the way down and is rounded off with cold powder down to the valleys on Wednesday.

The crowds

Yes, it's going to be fun again. East of the Arlberg, 25-40cm, possibly even 50cm towards Salzburgerland or Styria, but with little north in the current, I would rather expect negative surprises, as the models are always very optimistic. There could also be amounts below the alarm threshold and only a cosmetic 20cm.

From the Arlberg to Valais 50-80cm.

In the core, from Valais to France, it will be 80-100cm, and in congested areas 120 or 130cm are also possible in isolated cases.

Where should I go?

Always into the trees. Tuesday trees in the west, because it won't break open. Wednesday trees everywhere, because it should be fine in the north then too.


The next alert comes Wednesday evening from the road, when I hopefully had some of that first part too!

After that, everything is open, but it no longer looks like apocalypse, but sun and clouds mixed. What then happens from Jan. 22 is completely unclear. Please try to convince our Ullr with offerings that winter will stay good, because now I theoretically have some time.

Powder to the people!

Your Oracle

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