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PowderAlert 15 2021/22 | The Final Countdown?

Ullr enters the final spurt and sweetens the spring with a dump.

by Lars Oelmann 04/06/2022
Ullr wants to give it another go before most ski resorts slowly but surely close after Easter. And with the best 80s synthesizer fanfares, he bravely boxes on like Rocky in the big showdown, knowing full well that his time has actually come.

A tragic hero who at least seems to want to reconcile us to the end of this rather bleak winter.

Alert period and areas

The alert goes from France to the Arlberg, but east of there we're at least scratching around with the wind shift to the north, which is a bit more than cosmetic.

The core goes from the lower Valais/Bernese Oberland to northern France and it should really rattle there too.

The alarm goes out until Sunday morning to ensure a bluebird powder day just in time for all weekend warriors.


It's another westerly storm and there will be the ever-popular gale-force gusts at the top, so it won't be as perfect as last weekend above the tree line. Many lifts are likely to remain closed in the storm up to and including Saturday.

But the large amounts will be pushed up to the main French-Italian ridge and deep into the Valais.

Snow line

This is a problem, because the main precipitation in the west falls at a snow line between 1800-2000m, while 20-30cm of fine powder can fall below 1000m after the wind shifts in the north. Before that, however, the northern Alpine ridge will also see a warm base, but less than in the westerlies.

The amounts

Are quite large. From the Arlberg to central Switzerland there will be 40-60cm, but that could be 80cm if the marginal low changes slightly. This is very difficult to predict, even for the oracle. From the Bernese Oberland to the French border areas it is 60-100cm. In the core from the lower Valais to northern France, 90-120cm and in congested areas up to 140cm, as the congestion lasts a long time.

Where should I go?

Not much happens on Thursday, but on Friday you can possibly go powder hunting. I would recommend places with high forest in Valais or France with a base of 1800m+.

Saturday I would do it similarly, only you can possibly start lower, as there will be even lighter powder on top. Everywhere else, such as in the north, you can just enjoy the fluffy fresh snow if there was still a base.

Sunday it breaks up everywhere and you can go above 2000m to inspect all the fresh snow. But you should take it easy in the west with the expected 4s.

Because of the warm weather, this should quickly subside and you can go on tours in the high mountains from Monday. It will be warm.


Unclear. The forecast is rather cloudy. But it looks rather warm, even if some runs also see new hope for Easter. Maybe Ullr will surprise the Easter bunny!

Snow height prediction game

The snow height prediction game will take place at the station "L'Ecreuleuse 2252m" from 6.4. to 10.4. 12:00 noon: Post your tip by Thursday, 4/7 10:00pm either here as a comment, or in the Forum.

Powder to the people!

Your Oracle

This article has been automatically translated by DeepL with subsequent editing. If you notice any spelling or grammatical errors or if the translation has lost its meaning, please write an e-mail to the editors.

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