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PowderAlert 8 2021/22 | Back to the past!

The reset brings us back to winter.

by Lars Oelmann 01/08/2022
Ullr says: McFly, anyone home? And he's not sending us back to the future, but back to the past, because now we're finally arriving where we were in mid-December: Winter.

A winter with a base AND powder, at least in Switzerland and France, where, at least in part, the massive rain has "remedied" our weak layer problem right up to the top, as the SLF puts it.

Further east, the alert will again be more of a cosmetic nature. As is so often the case, a very westerly flow is coming towards the Alps and this time there is no leeward development for the south-east.

Alert period and areas

The alert will last until Monday morning. The areas go from France to the Arlberg (how often do I actually write that?), with the core going from the Bernese Oberland to France in the western congestion



It blows and storms very hard, which is rather unpleasant with drifts and ice, or weak foundations in the high mountains above 2800m. But it also pushes the snow into Valais and along the French/Italian main ridge.

Snow line

At the bottom, or in the foothills of the Alps briefly rising to 800 or 1000m. In the inner Alps, such as in Valais, it will probably remain lower. This means continuous powder from the higher valleys and full amounts from 1200m.

The amounts

Can finally be seen, because with the soft base from Wednesday and the 10-15cm from today (Saturday) it should be enough for powder feeling.

From the Arlberg to France there will be 30-50cm and in the core it can also be 60-70cm. The rapid drying of the air mass due to the high on Monday will not allow for any more.

Where should I go?

On Sunday, I would recommend the northern French Alps or the Lower Valais, as there should still be a base in the trees. But the northern slopes of the Swiss Alps and the Arlberg should also be possible if you know the area. On Monday you can hope for sun everywhere, a little later in the east, and see how well the fresh snow has bonded with the ice at the top. You have to be careful in the inner alpine Valais, as the snow cover in the base is not as stable as in the north/west.

After that, the touring weather will be calm and cool. A perfect week for anyone who has time off or wants to take a vacation! Or "work from home"!


Hard to say. Not much is likely to happen beyond next weekend, but there's no threat of tropical weather either. After that, everything is open.

POWDER (finally!) to the people!

Your oracle

Snow height prediction game

The snow height prediction game will take place at the "L'Ecreuleuse 2252m" station from 8.1. to 10.1. 12:00 noon: Post your tip by Saturday, Jan. 8, 10 p.m. either here as a comment, or in the Forum.


This article has been automatically translated by DeepL with subsequent editing. If you notice any spelling or grammatical errors or if the translation has lost its meaning, please write an e-mail to the editors.

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