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PowderAlert 9 2020 /21 | WWW Episode 2: After the cliffhanger

Ullrflix presents episode two of the series Wild Warm West

by Lars Oelmann 01/29/2021
Now a little less warm, a little less wild and directly after the first big climax of the series. Is that why the episode is bad?

No, because there's something to be said for not having level 5 in the LLBs, because the whole thing calms down a bit. And cooler is always good!

Alarm 8 was much wilder than expected and won't end for hours. Up to 130 cm of fresh snow had already fallen by this afternoon. And I actually thought my estimate was at the upper limit. Apparently not.

Alert period and areas

The alert is again for the northern slopes of the Alps, as in Alert 8, only this time there won't be enough, more or less, east of the Arlberg. But there will also be snow there.

So: from France to the Arlberg. The alert will last until Sunday evening, because it will stop snowing from the west on Sunday at noon, before alert 10 should come towards night.


Ullr sends us less wind than at number 8, but it still gets stormy at the top. So full amounts up to just under the main ridge but not beyond. Inner alpine areas such as Graubünden and Valais will also no longer get full amounts.

Snowfall line

It's a little cooler across the board, but it continues to fluctuate. Cooler tonight, warmer Saturday, cooler again towards Sunday. Therefore only the upper limits here:

In the west it will always snow above 1500m. In the east always from 1000m. In between (i.e. Arlberg / eastern Switzerland) always from 1100-1300m. Even lower in the inner Alps. However, it also goes significantly lower in the west and east in between. As you can see, it's not easy. But stick to the altitudes as a minimum to have reasonably reliable good powder.

The amounts

From France to the Arlberg there will be another 30-60cm of fresh snow by Sunday evening, whereby the 60cm will only be reached in congested areas. To the east, it will be more than cosmetic but less than an alarm


Where should I go?

I would go where it's not ultra-dangerous, because there's enough snow in the trees everywhere. You have to go a bit higher in the west, but that's easier in the western Alps. Maybe try ski resorts that were completely closed? You can tour everywhere in the deep powder if you stay high enough.

It might tear up briefly on Sunday, but it's not necessarily advisable to want to ski everything up there then.

Medium term

More powder and more warmth again from Tuesday? It won't get boring in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, it won't get any colder either.

Powder to the people!

Your oracle, who should probably switch to canoeing or air mattress riding now, as it's more likely to stay liquid in the Black Forest?

Snow height prediction game

The prediction game is suspending this alarm, and hopes not to have to predict high water levels any time soon...

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