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TouringTip | Großer Bösenstein

Spring classic in the Rottenmanner Tauern

by Lorenzo Rieg 02/18/2019
The Großer Bösenstein is a very popular touring destination and not without reason, as it offers not only a great view but also an interesting descent with a manageable altitude in the ascent. The toll road to the Edelrautehütte makes the 1700 m high starting point easily accessible.


From the parking lot, first head southwest, then west, leaving the hut on your right. It is best to bypass the lake to the north. The terrain here is somewhat confusing and you won't always find the ideal ascent track. As this is obviously the case for many ski tourers, there are often suboptimal tracks to be found. After the lake, depending on the snow conditions, either the path through the mountain pines (when there is a lot of snow) or the variation through the forest (when there is little snow) is the better option.

Soon, however, you have left these small initial problems behind you and ascent in hairpin bends over a steeper slope to the southwest before a short, often somewhat unpleasant crossing to the northwest follows (clever ski tourers descent the 20 m to the valley here and ascent again after the crossing). After a short flat section, where you head west below the summit slope of the Großer Bösenstein, you then turn off again onto a steeper slope to the northwest, which takes you to the summit ridge. Depending on the snow conditions, you can simply continue here with skins, or you may have to strap your skis onto your backpack. Late in spring, it may not even be worth taking your skis to the summit. In any case, the ascent via the summit ridge is quick and not too difficult.

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In principle, the descent can be made along the ascent route, although two interesting deviations are possible. Instead of traversing or descending along the summit ridge, you can descent almost directly from the summit to the south. This variant leads through very steep and rocky terrain, which is why you need to take appropriate care. However, the slope is easy to see on the ascent and you soon reach the ascent track again.

Shortly after overcoming the first flat section, you can also take the thoroughly rewarding "Rote Rinne" (red gully) with a counter ascent of around 30 m (usually easy to trudge) by climbing straight up the short counter slope (to the east) instead of following the ascent track to the south-east. The entrance to the gully is then a few meters further north of the small col, which you reach here.


If there is too much going on at the Großer Bösenstein, or if you would like to summit another mountain, the Kleiner Bösenstein in the immediate vicinity is also a good destination, which shares most of the ascent and descent with the Großer Bösenstein and can also be combined well.


Difficulty: *** (from *****)

Special dangers: None, but care must be taken when descending directly from the summit.

Average | maximum steepness: 30° | 40° (summit slope and Rote Rinne steeper)

Exposure: mainly. E

Altitude start | finish: 1700 | 2448

Altitude meters uphill | downhill: 750 hm each

Duration: 2-3 hours

Best time of year: March and April

How to get there: From Hohentauern, follow the road to the Edelrautehütte, which soon turns into a steep forest path after the toll booth (currently costs €7.-). Follow this up to the parking lot

Note: The PG touring tips are general descriptions of tours that we like subjectively. Our touring tips do NOT refer to CURRENT CONDITIONS. Read the situation report and the weather forecast and plan your tour accordingly.

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