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TouringTip | Roßgundkopf and Roßgundscharte

Ski tour in the Schafalpen

by Johannes Wolf 01/08/2018
The Schafalpen are located between the Kleines Walsertal and the Stillach and Rappenalptal valleys and offer all kinds of challenging tours. The Roßgundkopf, which is part of the Schafalpenköpfe group, offers secluded descents in an impressive landscape, especially in the early season when the snow conditions are already suitable and the Fellhornbahn is not yet open.

Ascent to the Roßgundscharte

The starting point for the tour is the valley station of the Fellhornbahn in Oberstdorf. You can ski directly to the parking lot. From there, you initially climb a few meters up the valley descent until you turn left onto a forest path into the forest towards Warmatsgund. From here, a small path winds its way through the forest and you soon pass a tributary of the Warmatsgundbach stream. You cross this on a narrow bridge and then follow the path to the next fork in the path at approx. 1269m. There the path branches off to the left in the direction of Warmatsgund or to the right in the direction of Fellhorn. A small hut can be noted as a recognition point. Turn left here and follow the path until you reach a forest road that leads past the Höfle-Alpe and the Warmatsgundalpe into the Warmatsgund basin.

Alternatively, you can also walk up the slope to the Fellhorn-Mittel-Station and turn off directly onto the forest road there, but this option is much less scenic. Once in the basin, you now walk almost to the end and then keep slightly to the left. From here it becomes steep for the first time and you climb up in hairpin bends to the ruined Küh-Gund Alpe. Once there, you can see the real potential of this terrain. From here, you now climb the last few meters in the direction of Roßgundscharte.

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If you want to climb the Roßgundkopf or the Alpgundkopf, it is advisable to turn left before the Küh-Gund Alpe in order to reach the saddle between the Roßgundkopf and Alpgundkopf. From there, you can either turn left to Alpgundkopf or right to Roßgundkopf.


The descent is the same as the ascent, but it is advisable to take the forest road back to Fellhorn-Mittel-Station and not descent via the narrow path you took on the ascent.

Alternatively, you can also descent to the east towards Vordere Taufersbergalpe. From there, cross to the Guggersee lake and then continue via Waldschneißen into the Stillachtal valley.


A very beautiful and secluded ski tour in the Allgäu Alps, but the solitude comes at a price, as the long valley hike into the Warmatsgund basin is quite a drag.


Difficulty (5-level scale): **(*)
Duration: approx. 5 hours
Max. Slope: approx. 35 degrees
Exposure: NW, W
Best time of year: December to March

Note: The PG touring tips are general descriptions of tours that we like subjectively. Our touring tips DO NOT REFER TO CURRENT CONDITIONS. Read the situation report and the weather forecast and plan your tour accordingly.

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