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10th Longboardclassic | Stuben, Arlberg

True legends never die!

by Jan Sallawitz 04/22/2009
You'd have to be a poet to put the 10th edition of the Longboard Classic into words. How can you describe an event where a good 440 riders simultaneously and harmoniously conquer an altitude difference of 1001m? Where the legends of our sport cruise edge to edge into the valley with lesser-known riders? Where an 8-year-old is honored on stage just as much as a 73-year-old? Where the organizer personally congratulates everyone who crosses the finish line and where every participant goes home not only with a gift, but above all with a big smile?!

This only happens at the Longboard Classic...

Everyone sits together comfortably and shovels cheese spaetzle into their stomachs. The room in the restaurant at the Mondschein hotel is filled to capacity and the beer tastes better with every sip. But what looks like a normal dinner is the prelude to one of the most legendary snowboarding events there is: the 10th Longboardclassic in Stuben am Arlberg. True legends never die! And indeed, there is hardly any other event where the really big names in the sport crowd together as much as here and where the term "legendary" is so justified:

From the European "all-stars" and pioneers Petra Müssig, Isa Ellenrieder, Jose Fernandez, Andi Tanner, Micky Früh, Jogi März, Harry Gunz, Martin Freinademetz, Reto Lamm, Stefan Fiedler, Xandi Kreuzeder, Peter Fässler, Thommy Klähn, Titus Dittmann, Günther Gröbl, Christian Meeze Mießner, Tom Ratzek, Serge Dupraz, Bertl Kletzmair, Johnny Eisenhut, and and and... from southern hemisphere legends such as Ishi Ishihara (JPN) and Dani "Kiwi" Meier (NZ) to US founding godfathers Terry Kidwell, Shawn Farmer, Bob Klein, Mike Chantry and Mike Basich.

The stories and anecdotes from almost 30 years of snowboarding get wilder and wilder with every drink consumed and when the old magazines and posters are unpacked, the enthusiasm knows no bounds. A class reunion of snowboarders from the very beginning, celebrating in a way that could not have been better imagined even in the heyday of this sport. Even the old warhorses defy the jet lag and the hardships of the journey and rock until the early hours of the morning.

In changeable weather conditions, 440 riders make their way to the start on the Albona ridge on Saturday. It is hazy and the slope with its 1000 meters of altitude difference is somewhat chilly and crispy hard. But when Dani "Kiwi" Meier, dressed in Evel Knievel patent leather overalls, announces the statutes via megaphone to the predominantly neon-colored crowd, the fog lifts and reveals the view of the anniversary course. God must be a snowboarder! The first rays of sunshine are greeted by the crowd on the Albonagrat with a murmur that cumulates into a roar from so many throats. When 440 boards simultaneously stretch out towards the increasingly blue sky, the goosebump feeling is perfect. You have the feeling of being part of something very special and no matter where you look, you only see faces with big grins.

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