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ContestHappening 2 2023 | Muy Loco in Baqueira Beret

Highly successful start

by Sebastian Müller 01/31/2023
It was a party! The FWT took place in the Spanish Pyrenees for the second time in a row and it already seems to feel very much at home here. Under blue skies and in partly difficult, partly fantastic snow conditions, it was especially the performances of the local heroes that had hundreds of spectators cheering. It's clear: control wins points but Air&Style wins events, and young rookies win against old hands. A great start to the season!

Congratulations to the winners: Katie Anderson (SnB F), Michael Mawn (SnB M), Addison Rafford (Ski F) and Max Palm (Ski M). The Face "Baciver" was definitely worthy and provided opportunities for all riders to realize their potential. Especially the veterans Reine Barkered and Aymar Navarro shone, in my opinion, with their choice of lines in the terrain far lookers right. Aymar was able to reach 10th place with his clean double cliff, completely without freestyle - and then bid farewell to the competition stage at the home game, which he initiated himself. Bravo, there's no better way to say goodbye! You can check out all the runs here and we'll report back in order.

Snowboard Women

When you look at Katie Anderson's run, you see everything you could wish for: perfect technique and control over 4 jumps in challenging terrain and the best snow. That was smart, that was cool, and a strong message to the rest of the competition: victory this year (year 1 after Marion Haerty) only goes to her. Anna Orlova also shone with full control and lots of airs, finishing second. The experienced Erika Vikander skied strongly in the steep terrain, but lacked the final risk and finished third. Rookie Estelle Rizzolio flashed her talent and will be a force to be reckoned with!

Ski Women

Molly Armanino performed one of the most technically demanding lines, with admirable control, and would probably have won with bigger jumps. Sybille Blanjean shone with a big air and finished third. In the end, rookie Addison Rafford won with a fluid line and many solid jumps. VdW of the Year winner Elisabeth Gerriztzen lacked the final consistency and finished fourth. Chamoniard Megane Betend will still be one to watch despite falling! Finally Justine Lafour-Lapointe came in, put a backflip into the sand/powder and then stomped a huge cliff cleanly. Olivia McNeill was no longer able to threaten the podium. Strong performances in this category!

Snowboard Men

Hans Mindnich made a good start in the steep Canalone lookers right, without freestyle and punished with a control issue. The following snowboarders Jonathan Penfield, Ludovic Guillot-Diat, Carmlle Armand and Holden Samuels rode into the central part of the face and scored with high fluidity and freestyle skills. Finally Michael Mawn came in and outdid everyone with fluidity and control in steep terrain. Mexican Liam Rivera made a respectable debut and Prodigy Cody Bramwell was punished with many control issues on his wild ride. We tip our hats to a very worthwhile performance from the snowboarders.

Ski Men

As in the previous year, the young Swede Max Palm won, this time without a double backflip but with a 360 and backflip and strong turns in steep terrain. His combination of trickery and control is the measure of all things. Compatriot Karl Regner Eriksson expanded his repertoire of tricks once again and shone in third place, while defending champion Kristoffer Turdell was unfortunate enough to lose a ski. Second place went to a not unknown rookie, Oscar Mandin, with probably the riskiest line and the sickest backflip, chapeau! Max Hitzig lives up to expectations, tricks a 360 and backflip and takes fourth place! And then, rookie Leif Mumma from Alaska, he sets his turns as precisely as Doug Coombs and stomps the avalanche cones twice - Max in the leader's seat was sweating, but it was only enough for 8th place. Or Finn Bilous? Landing switch and riding half the slope backwards and coming 9th. And finally, Abel Moga, foster son of Aymar, completes the event with an almost unimaginable front flip! 8th place for him and a golden future ahead of him.


There are still many stories buried in the 6 hours of coverage of this freeride/competition and all runs would probably be worth a mention, but in our fast-moving times, space is at a premium. We notice that the FWT athletes once again prove their skills and passion, and we hereby pay tribute to all of them! The FIS has so far left this discipline untouched and we wish that it remains forever as beautiful and wild as it is here - muy loco and all safe! We also look forward to the next stop in Ardino-Arcalis - venga!


We apologize for the interference of English in the text, the technical jargon is just difficult to translate.

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