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gear of the week

Gear of the Week | GIBOARD

Training for everyone - whether before, during or after the season!

by Totti Lingott • 03/05/2023
The GIBOARD from Gibbon has been in our office for some time now and is enjoying a lot of use. Whether you use it to prepare for the ski season, perhaps prefer yoga exercises or want to keep fit for other sports such as mountain biking, surfing or climbing - the handy GIBOARD offers all kinds of individual exercises and can be taken (almost) anywhere.

When the package with the GIBOARD arrived at our office, we didn't initially think that it could be used for serious sports training. However, after a few initial classic slackline balance exercises, it became clear that we could do even more. The box of tricks and the exercise suggestions from Gibbon, which were very clear and easy to copy and transfer to the office via video, really helped us to get creative. We quickly realised that "The Giboard is a really good tool for office training!".

It all started a year and a half ago when Gibbon presented the new GIBOARD. The first tricks were quickly tried out and practised. At the same time, physiotherapists and sports professionals recognised the potential and developed various exercises with the requirements for the respective sport. This quickly resulted in a considerable database of exercises and the aforementioned bag of tricks, which are now collected and summarised in a separate app. Alternatively, there is also a Youtube channel.

gear of the week
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The GIBOARD can be used to keep fit and prevent injuries, especially in preparation for the winter season, but also in times of working from home or winters that are far too bad. The most important thing, however, is probably to take a break from boring desk work and have fun being active at the same time. Even talking on the phone on the slackline becomes an interesting multitasking act (headset not allowed!)

For those looking for balance instead of a challenge, there is also a GIBOARD workout with yoga exercises that get us into a pleasant flow. It quickly becomes clear that the GIBOARD is the ideal choice for a daily workout and intensive exercises to train body tension. And this is just the beginning, because the GIBOARD community is growing!

Recently, the youngsters have suddenly started wanting to visit our office more often! The reason for this quickly became clear: Here you can balance, jump and flip! At the end, young and old stand in line and wait for the GO! The fun is great, time flies, the only downside: unfortunately the rest of the work is not done by itself...

Below are a few links to corresponding videos:

Yoga exercises

Exercises for skiers

Exercises for snowboarders

The GIBOARD YouTube channel

Further information on the GIBOARD can be found here.

Dimensions: 106 cm length, 28 cm width, 14 cm height

Gross weight: approx. 4.5 kg

Material: glued beech wood (from certified cultivation), Made in EU

Mechanics: Patented Lock & Roll clamping system

Price: 189.95 euros (standard version with one line)

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gear of the week
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