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gear of the week

Gear of the Week | Zanier Laserz.TW

Skiing with alpine wool around your finger

by Philip Crivelli 04/15/2018
You would think that ski gloves would have the least influence on our performance on the ascent and descent. However, as everyone knows, cold fingers and wet gloves can spoil the fun. Since the overall experience usually counts when skiing, snowboarding or any other snow sports activity, it's worth taking a close look at your gloves.

Zanier is a family business from Innsbruck that specializes in the production of high-quality gloves, especially for winter use. The Laserz.TW is sold as one of the highlights from the range.

First impression

The gloves feel high-quality right from the start. The neoprene outer material is sufficiently stretchy and the goatskin leather on the palm is soft enough. The merino lining feels particularly comfortable. The Tyrolean wool lining is relatively thin. For the specified size, the glove is cut relatively wide compared to other manufacturers.

It is noticeable that the glove is simple. There is a metal clip to attach the two gloves together and a loop on the index finger to attach the gloves to a carabiner. There are no other bells and whistles, such as a Velcro fastener or wrist strap. It should be noted that there is a small tab on the inside of the hem to which such a loop could be attached.

gear of the week
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The glove was tested for around 70 days this winter. The Laserz.TW is not a particularly warm glove. I often had slightly cold hands in the morning, especially at the beginning of the winter when I was riding on the slopes. In addition, the leather didn't offer much grip at first.

Both of these things changed for the better over time. At some point, my hands got used to the winter and the leather roughened up a bit through constant use, so that the grip got better and better.

As the amount of snow increased, my skiing also shifted away from the slopes. I always preferred the gloves. Due to the increased physical activity, I was now glad that the gloves weren't too warm. In addition, the first impression proved to be correct: the workmanship of the gloves is extremely solid and therefore very robust. Only after about 60 days of use did a seam on the inside of the thumb start to come loose. Thanks to the merino lining, the gloves are still odorless. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about my inner shoes! The loop for attaching to a carabiner has also proved to be very useful. This makes it very easy to bring the gloves together and attach them to a backpack, for example.


The glove has proven to be an extremely robust, high-quality product for all types of skiing.

In terms of price, the gloves are in the mid-range with a new price of 100 euros.

Advantages & disadvantages

+ Workmanship
+ Robust
+ Simplicity
-/+ Not particularly warm

Here is the link to the product on the Zanier homepage

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gear of the week
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