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Tyrolean hospitals: Please no risky ski tours

In view of the tense situation, the clinics are asking for restraint

by PowderGuide 12/04/2020
The Tyrolean clinics have informed the ORF that heart-lung machines are in short supply. These are also repeatedly used to treat avalanche victims. At present, the clinics cannot guarantee that they will have enough equipment in the event of a serious avalanche accident with one or even several buried victims.

There are nine ECMO machines, also known as heart-lung machines, in Tyrol. Capacity has already been increased by a third since the beginning of the year. The machines are currently used primarily for the treatment of CoV patients with a severe course.

"Depending on how many avalanche victims there are and how many devices are still available, even one avalanche victim who needs this device can become a problem. Depending on how many are busy at the same time, but it is not uncommon for two or even three people to be buried in an avalanche where there are buried victims," says Johannes Schwamberger, spokesperson for tirol-kliniken, on ORF. People who have been buried for a long time are "classic candidates" for an ECMO device, which can take over lung function in such cases.

Rudi Mair from the Tyrolean Avalanche Warning Service has already pointed out that ski tours in ski areas must also be assessed with caution at the moment, as the slopes are not being prepared at the moment and no other safety work is taking place. At the moment, you also have to take responsibility for your own safety on ski tours on the slopes. The for Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino has been in regular winter operation since yesterday. Details on the snow situation before the current precipitation event can be found in the blog of the Tyrolean LWD. The SLF also publishes up-to-date bulletins as usual.

Of course, you never want to get caught in an avalanche and certainly don't want to need a heart-lung machine, but special caution is advised at the moment.

So: stay informed, take care of yourself and think carefully about whether and how you can safely use the current snowfall!

This article has been automatically translated by DeepL with subsequent editing. If you notice any spelling or grammatical errors or if the translation has lost its meaning, please write an e-mail to the editors.

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