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    • SnowFlurry

      SnowFlurry 2 2023/24 | Avalanches in the forest

      Vinzent Letzner • 02/24/2024
      "Nothing can happen in the forest." - This is probably one of the most widespread misconceptions among skiers. It is true that statistically there are fewer avalanche accidents in the forest. However, those who are lulled into a false sense of security are unconsciously taking a high risk and acting carelessly. In today's SnowFlurries we therefore take a look at how the forest influences snowpack stability and what skiers need to bear in mind.
    • SnowFlurry

      SnowFlurry 1 2023/24 | Christmas thaw

      Lydia Knappe • 02/04/2024
      Fortunately, this season got off to a very snowy start and provided a good foundation. It stayed that way until shortly before Christmas. The so-called Christmas thaw materialised just in time for Christmas.
    • SnowFlurry

      SnowFlurry 3 2022/23 | The Arlberg effect

      Stefanie Höpperger • 02/25/2023
      Skitourenpiste im Hauptkorridor einer Standardtour
      In this rummage, we take a closer look at the so-called Arlberg effect and its impact on avalanche danger. As this effect does not only occur on the Arlberg, we refer to it more generally as the "effect of off-piste descents".
    • SnowFlurry

      SnowFlurry 2 2022/23 | Weak layer development

      Stefanie Höpperger • 01/28/2023
      Stürmischer Wind am 16.1.23
      Due to the turbulent weather, the thin snow cover and fluctuating temperatures, we are moving from one avalanche problem to the next. Starting with an early winter old snow problem, we have recently been dealing with wild snow as a weak layer through to a very disruptive drift snow problem.
    • SnowFlurry

      SnowFlurry 1 2022/23 | Early winter - What you should be aware of

      Stefanie Höpperger • 12/17/2022
      Dünne Frühwinterschneedecke im Sellrain
      This year, winter is taking a while to arrive, but as the saying goes, "good things take time". In any case, patience is still required for casual off-piste tours, as the limited amount and consistency of snow means that not much is possible yet. The danger of avalanches is already very present. We are worried about an early winter problem with old snow coupled with very susceptible drift snow packs. Let's hope it doesn't stay with us for the whole winter!
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    • SnowFlurry

      SnowFlurry 8 2021/22 | Snow profile review

      Stefanie Höpperger • 02/19/2022
      Schneeprofil 1
      An avalanche-rich time lies behind us. The old snow problem, which was responsible for many of the avalanches in recent weeks, unfortunately remains with us.
    • SnowFlurry

      SnowFlurry 7 2021/22 | When will old snow become an old snow problem?

      Stefanie Höpperger • 02/05/2022
      Schwachschicht aus kantigen Kristallen mitten in der Schneedecke
      There are repeated reports of an old snow problem, but exactly what this means can be confusing. First of all, you should know that an avalanche problem (old, new, drifting, wet and sliding snow problem) is not a hazard pattern, but can consist of different hazard patterns. An avalanche problem describes the type of avalanche and its mechanisms, whereas a hazard pattern describes the responsible weak layers and their processes.
    • SnowFlurry

      SnowFlurry 6 2021/22 | Snow-covered topsoil

      Stefanie Höpperger • 01/22/2022
      Surface frost is certainly one of the most impressive crystal forms that we can admire: Beautiful to look at, especially when it glitters and sparkles in the sunlight. However, if it is covered by snow, it turns into a highly dangerous and treacherous weak layer. As is so often the case, beauty is so close to danger.
    • SnowFlurry

      SnowFlurry 5 2021/22 | Flockdown

      Stefanie Höpperger • 01/08/2022
      First rain up to high altitudes, then several days with warmer than average temperatures for the time of year, and then the long-awaited fresh snow finally fell from the sky.
    • SnowFlurry

      SnowFlurry 4 2021/22 | Snow profile review

      Stefanie Höpperger • 12/25/2021
      Profilstandort 1
      From 12 to 13 December, a warm front swept in and quickly dashed the anticipation of a white Christmas. Accompanying the rise in temperature, it rained in some areas up to around 2000-2300 m, but the amount of rain was quite low. During the night from 13 to 14 December, the temperature dropped again and it cleared up. The snow surface, which had been moistened by the warmth and rain, cooled down again and a cover formed - resulting in broken slush.
    • SnowFlurry

      SnowFlurry 3 2021/22 | Learning from avalanches

      Stefanie Höpperger • 12/11/2021
      Die Lawinenprobleme müssen im Kopf gespeichert sein!
      What avalanche problem is there, at what altitude and exposure is it present, how can I recognize it, can I recognize it at all, what do I have to watch out for, why are the others going further - is it safe, have I made the right decision? The snow is great, should I take the risk.....?