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    • PowderAlerts

      PowderAlert 15 2023/ 24 | All good things must come to an end!

      Lars Oelmann • 04/19/2024
      With this last nordstau, Ullr is sending us what could be the last cold snowfall suitable for weekends and the oracle is using this opportunity to bid a highly official farewell to the summer break, as medium range forecast does not look like there will be any more wintry surprises until the end of April.
    • PowderAlerts

      PowderAlert 14 2023 /24 | Say goodbye with a nordstau!

      Lars Oelmann • 04/15/2024
      Disclaimer: Schlager lyrics will not make sense in English. They do not make sense in German either, so dont worry ;) Ullr is on the retreat, but one last time the pop fan wants to dance the samba with us in the powder, because the powder makes us happy. Powder, Powder Powder, maybe tomorrow it will be over?
    • PowderAlerts

      PowderAlert 13 2023 /24 | Infinite Südstau II

      Lars Oelmann • 03/29/2024
      This alert is not an alert, at least not in the alert period, because it is too warm to use it until Tuesday. But more on that below.
    • PowderAlerts

      PowderAlert 12 2023 /24 | Infinite Südstau I

      Lars Oelmann • 03/26/2024
      As in the age-old internet meme, Ullr asked someone how many Südstau he should send and everyone just shouted YES! And so it comes as it must. There's another Südstau and then another one or two during the weekend. Is that good? Yes and no. This one is great. Nice amounts and a good snow line. The one at the weekend will be tropically warm with 25 degrees in the north and rain above 2000 metres in the lift. And you'll hardly be able to enjoy this one, as it'll only clear up briefly and then it'll get really warm.
    • PowderAlerts

      Powderalert 11 2023 /24 | Ullr always snows on the thickest pile!

      Lars Oelmann • 03/08/2024
      While freeriders in the south are literally in the green and sitting on the black branch, the north is getting the literal foehn again.
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    • PowderAlerts

      PowderAlert 10 2023/24 | Apocalypse Snow

      Lars Oelmann • 02/29/2024
      "You better watch out what you wish for" - this or something similar came to the mind of the oracle when it wished that the southern congestion would please continue on the perfect weekend.
    • PowderAlerts

      PowderAlert 9 2023/24 | Southern Comfort

      Lars Oelmann • 02/21/2024
      When Ullr takes a rest from work in the evening, he treats himself and us to a Southern Comfort, because he feels at home in the Dolce Vita and invites us to take another trip to the Southern Alps.
    • PowderAlerts

      PowderAlert 8 2023/24 | Light at the end of the tunnel

      Lars Oelmann • 02/08/2024
      It's been a long, long time since the last alert. Unfortunately, the oracle in the last issue of PowderAlert was right: nothing happened before the beginning of February. And now it's almost the middle of February!
    • PowderAlerts

      PowderAlert 7 2023/24 | Better than nothing.

      Lars Oelmann • 01/16/2024
      An alert appears, but the outlook is rather mediocre. Of course, an alert is always better than no alert, but with this one, the snow line is a bit of a bitch and the outlook after the weekend is also rather poor.
    • PowderAlerts

      PowderAlert 6 2023/24 | Back to normal

      Lars Oelmann • 01/05/2024
      After December was characterised by a succession of snowfalls from the west to south-west until the end of December, and accordingly warm, and even January started like this, we are now returning to normality and slowly having to say goodbye to the record snow depths at altitude, but also to the lack of snow below 1500m. Thank Ullr, because the valleys between 1000-1500m are still feeding off their early-season cushion and below 1200-1400m there is hardly anything possible away from the artificial snow.
    • PowderAlerts

      PowderAlert 5 2023/24 | Christmas dump, Christmas dump!

      Lars Oelmann • 12/20/2023
      Ullr gets on his sledge and off we go for the Christmas dump. Well, except for the unfortunate ones who have to make their family visits out of the reach of the Alps, but even then they can really step on the gas again on the 22nd/23rd, if the resorts open up and you can get there at all.